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1000 cc, Each -   $18.95 
1000 cc, Box of 10 -   $201.95 

Rusch Belly Bag Urinary Drainage Bag from is a urine bag that's worn at the waist. It is designed for either males or females who have an indwelling Foley or suprapubic catheter. The bag fastens around the waist by means of a woven belt with a quick release buckle. It has a 1,000 ml capacity and is completely latex-free. An anti reflux valve behind the catheter port prevents reflux urine flow. The Belly Bag is emptied by means of a drain tube with a twist valve that is in the approximate position of the urethra. Users can easily sleep with the bag in place, thus it can be worn 24 hours a day. In ambulatory patients, the bag is worn under the clothing where a soft backing provides a comfortable fit.

Rusch Belly Bag Urinary Drainage Bag Options:
  • 1000 ml (1000 cc) capacity
  • Latex-free
  • 54" woven belt with quick release buckle
  • Sterile
  • Anti reflux valve conceals more effectively
  • Dramatically increases comfort and mobility
  • Eliminates changing between bed and leg bag
  • Helps prevent inadvertent catheter extraction, leg bruises and abrasions
Part numbers: B1000, B1000

Product Rating: (4.85)   # of Ratings: 13   Rate It! 

1. Verified Customer on 9/10/2013, said:

So much better than leg bags-just need to empty before it gets too full. I wear loose clothing anyway, so it isn't a problem for me, but it does put some inches on your belly if it gets full. I love it! I can wear shorts again! Or skirts (knee length)

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2. Verified Customer on 6/20/2013, said:

Best thing since sliced bread. Gives the freedom, confidence, security and privacy. Love the Belly Bag. I heard that they may not make any more. I hope that is not someone's bad joke.

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3. Verified Customer on 6/14/2013, said:

The belly bag is great and really gives freedom from other options for the use of containing urine. For the user in hot climate I made a cloth bag from t-shirt material and it worked really well.

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4. Verified Customer on 6/12/2013, said:

I've had my belly bag for a month and it's everything I hoped it would be. I live in the hottest part of the country...Yuma, AZ. One problem..the bag rests against the stomach , which keeps stomach heat from escaping.This makes for damp undershirt , which is a little uncomfortable in hot weather. Otherwise it's everything it is advertised. I would have no trouble recommending it.

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5. Verified Customer on 10/4/2014, said:

Bought this for my Husband for he was having a Suprapubic installed and wanted him to feel more comfortable. With a whole lot of convincing he finally reluctantly decided to try it. He loved it and will be purchasing more in the near future.

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6. Verified Customer on 8/2/2014, said:

The Rusch belly bag changed my life. No one knows your wearing a belly bag , however when you wear a leg bag it's visible through your clothes

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7. Verified Customer on 7/20/2013, said:

I find these bags to be a great improvement over leg bags. If you are an active person, this product allows you the freedom to do almost anything you did before you needed an appliance. Very discrete when not allowed to get to full before draining.

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8. Verified Customer on 6/14/2013, said:

We are using this bag for stomach drainage rather than urine. It works so much better than the Bard bag they gave us at the hospital. We use it at night too. We gave it 4 instead of 5 stars because the drainage cap leaks sometimes if not aggresively closed.

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9. Verified Customer on 6/4/2013, said:

The bag works but best of all, Healthy Kin was fast and friendly. We received our order in two days! My wife can ever put her initials in the snow just like me!

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10. Verified Customer on 9/2/2014, said:

Excellent product. Beats leg bags by a million miles.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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11. Verified Customer on 3/28/2014, said:

This product is AMAZING! We had a resident that would always pull his catheter out because it was so irritating to him. Since purchasing this bag, not only does he have the freedom to drain himself, he does not have the problem with the tubing getting twisted in his pants! Would highly recommend this bag!

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12. Verified Customer on 12/12/2013, said:

Best product I've found. VERY comfortable!

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13. Verified Customer on 8/9/2013, said:

Fast shipping,would buy again,Thanks

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