UTIHeal Liquid Cranberry Supplement

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    UTIHeal Liquid Cranberry Supplement from HealthyKin.com is designed to create an environment that inhibits the proliferation of infection-causing bacteria while promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the urinary tract. The concentrated cranberry-based formula also contains vitamin C, D-Mannose and Erythritol, and FOS (Inulin) to promote urinary tract health and infection prevention.

    UTIHeal Liquid Cranberry Supplement Features:

    • Clinical studies have shown that PAC (ProAnthoCyanidins) found in cranberries exhibit potent bacterial anti- adhesion properties
    • D-Mannose & Erythritol are natural sugars which help displace bacteria as they pass through the urinary tract and bladder. These sugars do not interfere with blood glucose levels
    • Vitamin C helps lower the body's natural acidity (pH) creating a less tolerable environment for bacterial growth
    • FOS (Inulin) stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria naturally found in the digestive system, reducing the number of harmful bacteria that can lead to infections
    UTIHeal Liquid Cranberry Supplement Ingredients:

    Deionized water, cranberry concentrate, citric acid, sucralose, cherry flavor, ascorbic acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, inulin, erythriol, mango flavor, D-mannose, beet juice powder

    Part numbers: PRO6000, PRO6000, PRO6000U, PRO6000U

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      1. on 8/17/2017, said:
      I haven't had a UTI since drinking this cranberry supplement.. Great product!
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      2. on 2/24/2017, said:
      4 star rating so far to combat urinary tract infections... been drinking a capful once or twice a day and so far have had less problems. Also Aloe Vera liquid along with this... Thanks for the product. @irene
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